Portrait Perfect (2014)

Portrait Perfect is a new commissioned quartet by award winning and cutting edge choreographer Peter Chu. Featuring explosive movement and sinuous partnering, Chu creates a cinematic work unmasking the outer façade and inner darkness of relationship.
Composer: Djeff Houle
Costumes: Anna-Alisa Belous
Portrait Perfect is made possible, in part, with generous support from Gail and Clifford Schob, M.D./Comprehensive […]


Interior Designs (2013)

Carolyn Dorfman’s new work that finds the place where technology and art meet, to create an unforgettably human experience.
INTERIOR DESIGNS is a collaboration between Dorfman and other accomplished women artists, incorporating a commissioned score, original video projections and video mapping and integrated lighting and costume designs. In INTERIOR DESIGNS, the entire theater becomes the stage […]


Keystone (2012)

“…a paradise of perfect balance…”- The Star Ledger
“…a moving, playful, and rich commentary on relationship, coming full circle at the end.”- Arts America Dance Blog
Set to classic songs by Rufus Wainwright, Louis Armstrong, and Jamie Randolph, Keystone is a duet that explores the endurance of relationships and the concept of staying power in a world […]


Narcolepetic Lovers (2012)

Narcoleptic Lovers was originally choreographed in 1995 by the talented and witty Doug Elkins. Described by Elkins’ as a series letters to former lovers, this vibrant work was set on the company by former Doug Elkins Dance Company member Fritha Pengelly. Using his signature eclectic movement vocabulary, the work draws on modern, hip-hop, ballet and […]


Hourglass (2012)

Reimagined from the 1994 original, Hourglass is a solo that charts a woman’s journey through time and space, struggling with life processes, but ultimately being healed. It is set to a new commissioned score by New York City-based cellist Jessie Reagan Mann, and soundscape by Bryan Noll.


Cercle d’Amour (2010)

Cercle d’Amour, is Ms. Dorfman’s choreographic response to what she was once told: “laughter, too, can change the world.”
Cercle d’Amour explores the visual and movement metaphors evoked by a resonant and versatile prop, the hula-hoop.
Featuring music by Andy Tierstein, this ensemble work illuminates various aspects of relationships including play, competition, and fantasy. It has developed […]


Tikkun (2009)

Tikkun is the bridge between the past and the future and is the natural progression for The Legacy Project because Tikkun encourages the audience to look forward and consider the future. The piece explores the ways we separate or divide, bind or link, engage or disengage by using images of the fractured and broken […]


The Legacy Project (2008)

The Legacy Project: Extraordinary art and process that celebrates culture and legacy and builds bridges within and across communities.
Carolyn Dorfman has created a celebrated body of work that honors her Jewish legacy, its trials and triumphs, its treasured uniqueness and, most importantly, its precious commonalities with the human race. While the human story has […]


Echoes (2008)

“Dorfman, Kahan Collaboration Bears Emotionally Charged Fruit”
Carolyn Dorfman and company join forces with Norwegian, Jewish actress/vocalist, Bente Kahan in an evening of dance, music and theater that embraces the best of Dorfman and Kahan’s individual repertoires and cabaret-style intimacy and features their newest collaboration. SILENT ECHOES, is an integration of Dorfman’s tour de force, Cat’s […]


Cat’s Cradle (2007)

“Chilling in its impact, yet buoyed by the love shared by the narrators, Cat’s Cradle tells a story that theatergoers will not forget.” –The Star Ledger
In this stunning work, Dorfman incorporates cabaret songs written in Theresienstadt by Ilse Weber and performed by Bente Kahan, a brilliant Scandinavian Jewish artist/vocalist. Ironically, these songs were written in […]


He Walks on the Wings of the Wind (2007)

“Dorfman also creates an ingeniously layered environment… where dancers manipulate folding screens that organize the space… The dance builds steadily with acrobatic partnering…leading up to a fun-filled ending where kids pelt the audience with colored hand socks and encourage viewers to follow the leader, conducting a multi-hued symphony of gestures.” -The Star Ledger
Ms. Dorfman […]


Odisea (2005)

“The men and women ofOdisea are unmistakable refugees who become optimistic pioneers as the dance subtly builds.”-The New York Times
With Odisea, choreographer Carolyn Dorfman continues her explorations of the Jewish legacy. The work chronicles the physical, emotional and spiritual journey of twenty-three Jews leaving persecution in Recífe, Brazil in 1654 and their journey and ultimate […]


Pastorale Pause (2004)

“…lyrical, youthful and effervescent…”  -Recorder Newspapers
Set to a suite of Celtic music and songs by musician/composer John Whelan, this work for 5 dancers explores simple “pastoral pleasures”. Through images inspired by the mountains and meadows […]


Divide and Conquer (2004)

In this quartet, Dorfman explores marital bliss, harmony and perfection. Sunday times, brunch at 11 and lovemaking on the table. This synchrony of two in motion is suddenly replaced by the frenetic demands of life […]


Lovelines (2003)

Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. – Robert Frost
Choreography by Carolyn Dorfman
Music featured songs by Lonestar with original music by Greg Wall
Costume Design by Russell Aubrey
Lighting design by Charles S. Reece
Set Construction by Acadia Scenic**
Recorded Voices Amanda Duffy, David Foubert, Roderick Lapid, […]


Echad (One) (2002)

“…intense, abstract and engrossing… Echad has riveting power…” -The Observer Tribune
ECHAD, the Hebrew word for “One”, refers to the power of one community; the uniqueness or oneness of each individual and the delicate balance between the two, that is the essence of our humanity.
The work begins by celebrating early, cyclical, anonymous and predetermined life cycles […]


Mayne Mentshn (My People) (2001)

“Mayne Mentshn marks its creator, Carolyn Dorfman, as an epic storyteller.” -The Daily Record
Carolyn Dorfman created Mayne Mentshn as a tribute to her family, from her nuclear and extended family, to the human race at large. It is about a spirit and passion for life, people and truth. It is about life, death, […]


Sextet (1994)

“Her playfulness contributes to the enjoyment of viewing even a brainy, abstract dance like Sextet.Watching patterns emerge becomes a game that is fun and absorbing.” -The Star Ledger
With images of quick darting actions and suspended moments at its core, this dance challenges the dynamic and technical range of the dancers. With commissioned music by jazz […]


Love Suite Love (1992)

“This hilarious dance was a gem of understatement… This was dancemaking of great sophistication.” -The Star-Ledger
LOVE SUITE LOVE enchants the audience with the bittersweet love songs of Patsy Cline. In this nostalgic ode to youthful romance, CDDC’s dancers portray the numerous hopeful – if […]